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Smart contracts

Smart contracts

We will develop a smart contract for release and sale of tokens on ICO. We will carry out integration of your website about smart contracts of Ethereum and other blockchains.
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Investor’s cabinet

Investor’s cabinet

We will design the website with a private online cabinet for investors which manages several cryptocurrencies, displays the balance of tokens and the referral program.
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Landing Page

Landing Page

We will create a selling, one-page website for carrying out ICO with the unique design which is optimized for mobile devices and search engines.
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Audit of the smart contract

Audit of the smart contract

We will check smart contracts for vulnerabilities and correctness of writing of a code. We will explain the model.
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Technical consultation

Technical consultation

You or your experts can ask any questions concerning program development of Blockchain projects.
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Mobile applications development

Mobile applications development

We will create applications on Android and iOS which work with cryptocurrencies on a blockchain: purses, applications, games, coins exchange rate, integration for web.
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A full package of ICO turnkey development

A full package of 
ICO turnkey development

Full technical package for carrying out turnkey pre-ICO & ICO. A smart contract, an office of the investor, Landing Page, audit, testing, and start.
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Smart investors pay attention to the technical component of the project much more often nowadays, we will help you to fill Git Hub, to place initial codes, we will hold an audit and we will provide all necessary consultations. All this will strongly raise trust to your project and will help to collect more investments.

About us

4 steps, how to start working with us:

Fill in an application form

Fill in an 

We contact you and we will discuss all conditions.
We conclude contract


After all coordination and the approval of the estimate we sign the contract.
Preparation and development


We form the specification, we develop a project code.
Testing and start


Testing of safety, stability, correctness, code, start.
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Skills team

About us

Staff with the team of developers

Our team has a wide experience in blockchain development, including tokens of ERC-20 and contracts for carrying out pre-ICO and ICO. Except for tasks of our clients we are engaged in their own projects.

We organized a blockchain school of development EthereumWorks for raising new specialists. Our alumni are capable to realize projects using blockchain, including the decentralized applications and smart contracts.

We own a certified center Сertificate EthereumWorks, realized on Ethereum blockchain which allows to check competences of each performer.

Developed and started protected smart of contracts
and started 
protected smart 
of contracts

Successfully the started ICO projects under key
the started 
ICO projects 
under key

The project created on a blockchain and introduced to business
The project 
created on a 
blockchain and 
introduced to 

Developed the websites with personal cabinet for investors
the websites 
with personal 
cabinet for 


Blockchain programming

  • Solidity
  • 100%
  • Python
  • 100%
  • Go
  • 100%
  • Clean and Modern
  • 100%

WEB programming

  • PHP
  • 100%
  • JavaScript
  • 100%
  • HTML / CSS
  • 100%
  • Marketing
  • 100%

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It is how difficult to release the cryptocurrency?

Thanks to developing an infrastructure blockchain, today everyone can release own cryptocurrency for the project or the idea. There is a set of the platforms allowing to realize projects of different degree of complexity. Some platforms, such as Waves, allowing even to the unsophisticated user to release the tokens almost instantly.

On what platform it is the best of all to realize the project?

The choice a blockchain of the platform is defined by the purposes and features of the developed system. In the majority of projects, Ethereum blockchain best of all is suitable for realization of cryptocurrency: it is at the moment the most developed and stable system supporting smart contracts. Smart contracts allow adjusting thinly process of a sale of tokens on ICO, to realize additional opportunities for cryptocurrency: distribution of dividends among holders, a possibility of the vote by tokens and many other things.

Whether it will be possible to bring the developed cryptocurrency to the exchanges?

Thanks to the ERC-20 standard simply it became possible enough to realize on Ethereum blockchain tokens which will be supported by all exchanges and platforms working with cryptocurrencies.

Where to follow an example of realization of the simplest currency?

Realization of the simplest cryptocurrency on a blockchain of Ethereum is given in the official page of the project: functionality the supporting smart contracts, such as it is realized in Ethereum.

What skills are required for creation of the project on a blockchain?

Realization of tokens on Ethereum will require skills of programming, knowledge of Solidity and understanding of the basic principles of OOP. But as usually when developing it is required to consider a set of nuances implicit at first sight, it is the best of all to entrust all to the skilled team which realized at least several similar projects at once.

Whether it is possible to establish the cost of tokens in dollars or in other currency?

Thanks to special services, such as it became possible to tie the token price to a rate of $ or any other currency.

Whether it is possible to integrate the website with Etherium, Bitcoin and others?

Interaction of your website with a blockchain can be carried out: beginning from display of the current quantity of the sold tokens before realization of a full-fledged office of the investor with a purse, the referral program and multiple currency reception of investments in the automatic mode.

Can I order the crypto currency and what is it required?

We can make the simplest tokens also in several minutes. But in most cases nevertheless it will be required of 2-3 days on development and testing.