The smart contracts security audit

A high-quality external smart contract audit is an integral attribute at the beginning of the project on Ethereum blockchain. Opinions of third-party professionals will help to remove vulnerabilities in the code and gives a guarantee of stable functioning for a long time.

Audit smart contract

The huge role is played by understanding the money collection system when carrying out an ICO. Safety is the main factor. Any vulnerabilities in the code can destroy efforts of the whole team on ensuring the system reliability. That’s why third-party audit is so important.

The Cryptocoding Services Company offers a detailed audit of smart contracts. The best programmers who have an extensive work experience with the blockchain technology, will carry out the full code analysis of the smart contract for the customer.

Cryptocoding Services offers not only check for a code regarding mistakes, but also a full technical consultation for experts at any development stage of ICO.

Before ordering it is recommended:
• To clean the project’s repository;
• To freeze the code base;
• To place emphasis for the auditor on difficult sections of the code.

Cryptocoding Services already provided an earlier audit of smart contracts for the Streaming company. The full-fledged algorithms for multiple currency receptions of investments has been organized.



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