Creation of the smart contract

The creation of the smart contract on the Ethereum platform is a demanded task for the investors seeking to receive completely automated decision for the business. “Clever contracts” has been widely adopted in ICO sphere since 2013. It is a primary distribution system of coins.

Create a smart contract

Also, the creation of smart contracts can bring essential benefit to the financial market. Insurance and banking services are the other perspective spheres of the Ethereum platform development.

Creation of the smart contract requires the full-fledged team of experts of business having a vast experience of successful projects. It is very difficult to find several experts who could develop a smart contract for the concrete business without mistakes.

The Cryptocoding Services company has developed and has started more than one hundred smart contracts already, being the leader in this industry. Several programmers in our team have been learning the features of a blockchain technology from the moment when it appeared in 2013.

Cryptocoding Services offers the full creation of the turnkey smart contract and some other services demanded by investors and developers:

• Audit smart contracts;
• Technical consultation;
• Creation Of Landing Page;
• Development of the Cabinet of investor;
• Application development;
• Software development ICO under the key.


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