Smart contracts for ICO

The smart contract is a coding algorithm. Simply, the new technology allows to exchange assets without third party services.

The smart contracts for the ICO were widely used basing on the Ethereum platform when it became clear that Bitcoin isn’t suitable for the basic solution of the similar tasks. The technology is highly rated and it attracts new investors every day. Also, some other platforms are available for smart contracts usage. The most known analog is NEO which is focused on the Chinese audience.

Smart contract for ICO

The Cryptocoding Services company is one of the first ones on the market which has offered a service of own smart contracts development. These services is focused on the token emission and its sales. The customer receives a full-fledged cryptocurrency in the order.

The following options are offered:

• Name;
• Issue order;
• An opportunity placing on the stock exchange.
• Other

The company isn’t limited by smart contracts for ICO based on the Ethereum. Work with the other blockchains is possible.

Cryptocoding Services has an extensive experience in blockchain development. Employees have an opportunity to study at unique internal school EthereumWorks. Alumni are able to run projects based on the blockchain technologies. The company has developed and has started 117 protected smart contracts in 2018.


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