Smart contract price

The technological process doesn’t stop. Many progressive companies already think about the implementing the smart contracts into their business systems. The price of this service depends on the complexity level of the work and individual requirements of the customer.

Smart contract price

Why the smart contract is important?

The new technology helps the organizations to increase labor productivity due to the disposal of inefficient routine tasks. There will be an opportunity to make reliable and irreversible transactions without the third parties participation in the future. While many get acquainted with new technology, the Cryptocoding Services company offers smart contracts at an resonable price for the solution of specific objectives of the customer.

Price of the smart contract:

The cost of services depends on the complexity of works. Basic diagnostics of smart contracts regarding vulnerability and technical consultation starts at $600. The creation of own cryptocurrency with a completely automated system of tokens sale for Ethereum starts at $2000.

Cryptocoding Services offers the best performers who have undergone certification in own certified center Certificate EthereumWorks.


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