The cost of the smart contract

A smart contract is a necessary algorithm for starting own tokens emission for an ICO. The Ethereum platform is used in the most cases for the project realization. The Cryptocoding Services company suggests starting a full-fledged cryptocurrency and to adjust the performance of smart contracts. Cost depends on the choice of service by the customer.

The cost of smart contract

For a better management of own cryptocurrency it is necessary to adjust the smart contract assuming the automated sale of coins. The cost of the smart contract is around $2000.

The blockchain technology takes root in most of the companies. There isn’t enough quantity of the experts on the market. That’s why there is a problem in a technical part. The Cryptocoding Services programmers are ready to undertake all technical moments, guaranteeing the successful start of ICO and setting up the smart contract which is carrying out the sale of own cryptocurrency. The cost of the smart contract and a full package of ICO development is around $13500.

Experience shows that the high cost of the turnkey smart contract pays off due to the quality of work. The order of turnkey service saves investors from constant concern for the technical aspect of the implementation the project and doesn’t demand a third-party audit.


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