The developer of smart contracts

The developer of smart contracts is a relatively young profession for programmers. The experts who are able to develop the DAPPs programs (the distributed applications) are highly wanted. The interest to creation smart contracts on the Ethereum platform has reached the peak in 2017. The tendency to the growth of orders will proceed further.

The developer of smart contracts

Competent investors developing smart contracts want to work with the whole team of the qualified employees. The Cryptocoding Services company is ready to offer such approach. The best developers whose qualification is confirmed with the international certified center work here.

The team has an extensive experience of development of their own cryptocurrency and for carrying out ICO. Many companies which have started own smart contracts have already used products of Cryptocoding Services.

Our partners are:

• Satoshi Brewery;
• Worldcon;
• Adxex.

Cryptocoding Services developers of the smart contracts are open to cooperation and to consultations. Consultation is held on a wide range of questions concerning implementation of projects on a blockchain.


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