The development of smart contracts

Development of smart contracts is often made on Solidity or on the basis of program libraries. The ERC20 standard is used and testing the code by Truffle framework is used for these purposes.

Each person has an opportunity to create own cryptocurrency in 2018. The total amount of tokens at the exchanges has already passed 15 hundred. Every day the new coins appear.

The development of smart contracts

Development of the smart contract for a blockchain is a necessary stage for the full start of own cryptocurrency working process. “The smart contract” is required for an automated sale of coins for Ethere.

The Cryptocoding Services company during the existence has successfully started more than 40 turnkey full projects without participation of the customer. The full package of development the smart contracts means realization, testing, and the start of all technical solutions necessary for ICO functioning. The investor receives the cryptocurrency which is already adapted to a sale in the order. There is a way of developing mobile applications depending on customer’s requirements.

Several known companies have already ordered development of smart contracts in Cryptocoding Services.

The companies who has ordered our services are:

• Larson&Holz;
• Satoshi Brewery;
• Wordcoin.


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